Pichon bottle line up

Two Imaginary Boys: Pichon-Lalande

France: Bordeaux, featured

Neal Martin, Aug 2019

What links a historic and esteemed Grand Cru Classé in Pauillac with Robert Smith of English rock band, “The Cure”? You might be surprised by the answer in this alternative take on Pichon-Lalande…

Fotheringay copy

Beyond Wine: Crate Digging: Fotheringay by Fotheringay

Beyond Wine

Neal Martin, Aug 2019

It is difficult to put my finger on exactly why, but Denny’s voice, her timbre and inflection, makes her sound as if she is singing from centuries back in history, like medieval princess pining from her castle tower to a lost prince.

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Cellar Favorite: 1904 & 1948 Langoa-Barton

cellar favorite, Cellar Favorites, France: Bordeaux

Neal Martin, Aug 2019

It is a shame that Langoa-Barton is destined to lie in the shadow of its sibling, Léoville-Barton, because it produces a great Saint-Julien wine in its own right. Moreover, that wine has a propensity to age in bottle with just as much élan.

Ledbury lamb

Vinous Table: The Ledbury, London, UK

United Kingdom, Vinous Table

Neal Martin, Aug 2019

Strangers ask me if it’s true: Did I really celebrate my big four-zero at The Ledbury when, at my behest, celebrated chef Brett Graham summoned all his astounding culinary skills to pimp up the KFC menu?

St joseph grippat 1991

Cellar Favorite: 1991 Domaine Jean-Louis Grippat St-Joseph

France: Rhône & Beaujolais, cellar favorite, Cellar Favorites

Neal Martin, Aug 2019

Every now and then you taste a bottle that resonates even more the following day. That is certainly the case with this bottle, generously opened at Noble Rot restaurant for me and sommelier, winemaker and now writer, Rajat Parr.

Chez bruce roast cod

Vinous Table: Chez Bruce, London, UK

United Kingdom, Vinous Table

Neal Martin, Aug 2019

I started dining here in the late 1990s, and I cannot remember a single instance of walking out disappointed. Quite the opposite: I leave feeling elated and looking forward to my next visit.

Musigny line up bottles2

Drink Your Idols: Roumier’s Musigny 1976-2008

Verticals & Retrospectives, France: Burgundy, featured

Neal Martin, Aug 2019

They say you should never meet your “heroes”. So when I was invited to a once-in-a-lifetime vertical of Christophe Roumier’s Musigny, did these fabled bottles live up to expectations?

Meursault perrieres 1979 coche dury bottle

Cellar Favorite: 1979 Domaine Jean-François Coche-Dury Meursault Les Perrières 1er Cru

cellar favorite, Cellar Favorites, France: Burgundy

Neal Martin, Jul 2019

Here is a bottle rarely seen, if not quite as “unicorn” as the 2010 Bourgogne Blanc from Armand Rousseau that I reported on earlier this year. It was actually served as a freshener before a Christophe Roumier dinner – only in Hong Kong!

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Beyond Wine: Album Review of EP1 and EP2 – Body Type

Beyond Wine

Neal Martin, Jul 2019

Quality never dips across these dozen tracks, ensuring that EP1 & EP2 is one of the most satisfying releases this year, restoring your faith in a future for guitar-based pop music even if there is little chance of them challenging Swift, Perry and Sheeran for chart domination.

Eglise clinet bottle lineup

Precious Clay: L’Eglise-Clinet 1929–2015

Verticals & Retrospectives, France: Bordeaux, featured

Neal Martin, Jul 2019

Pomerol runs through the veins of proprietor Denis Durantou, who single-handedly has made L’Eglise-Clinet one of the most sought-after wines in Bordeaux. This article examines how recent vintages are evolving, as well as rare gems back to the Twenties.