Vinous in the Kitchen: Jump Start Spring with Asparagus Risotto

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Eric Guido, Apr 2020

There I was, a young culinary school student with a background in central and southern Italian cooking, but very little knowledge of the north, when I came to realize that our lesson that day was making Risotto. I suddenly felt tense, as a wave of anxiety washed over me, remembering when our Chef-instructor had explained at the beginning of our semester that the two preparations that define an expert chef are the perfect French omelet and Risotto. What’s more, it seemed alien to me, having grown up with my grandmother making fresh pastas and sauces based on olive oil, tomatoes, and herbs from our backyard. Flash in the pan preparations were my forte, using a minimal amount of ingredients. The idea of spending a ½ hour standing over a pot—no way. That is of course until I made my first Risotto, or should I say, when I tasted my first Risotto.

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The Last Supper...For Now

Vinous Table, United Kingdom, featured

Neal Martin, Apr 2020

Amid tumultuous times, I reflect upon the two soirées that took place in the twilight days of the pre-coronavirus world, including a dinner with Vinous forum members, finishing with a shard of optimism for an unwritten future.

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Vinous Table: Via Forno, Scarsdale, New York

United States: New York, Vinous Table

Antonio Galloni, Mar 2020

Via Forno is one of my local pizza joints. Despite the somber outlook, the staff at Via Forno has been upbeat on the few times I have been there recently. I am looking forward to going back when things eventually come back to something resembling normalcy.

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Vinous Table: NoMad, New York City

Vinous Table

Antonio Galloni, Mar 2020

I have been to NoMad many times, but most of the times to host Vinous events in one of the private rooms. I was really looking forward to this dinner in the main dining room as a brief distraction during what has become a very rough time around the world.

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Vinous Table: Brixton Laundry, London, United Kingdom

Vinous Table, United Kingdom

Neal Martin, Mar 2020

Brixton Laundry is a welcome addition to the London dining scene south of the river (and I might be biased, but it has always preferred it to the north.)

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Vinous Table: Providence, Los Angeles, CA

United States: California, Vinous Table

Antonio Galloni, Feb 2020

This recent dinner was a great opportunity to catch up with friends over a leisurely meal and enjoy some nice bottles. The food was off the charts, and the wines were pretty terrific too.

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Vinous Table: Piedmont Icons at Legacy Records

United States: New York, Vinous Table

Antonio Galloni, Feb 2020

There are few things I enjoy more than hosting small dinners for Vinous readers. The conversation and company are always just as good as the wine and food, while the intimate format allows for deeper conversations than at larger events. That was certainly the case at this recent dinner we held Legacy Records featuring wines from a handful of benchmark Barolo producers.

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Vinous Table: L'Expression, Beaune, France

France: Burgundy, Vinous Table

Antonio Galloni, Feb 2020

L'Expression is a welcome addition to the dining scene in Beaune. A seasonal menu and fabulous wine list make a lunch or dinner at L'Expression a must.

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Vinous Table: Au Fil du Zinc, Chablis, France

France: Burgundy, Vinous Table

Antonio Galloni, Feb 2020

Au Fil du Zinc is a local institution in Chablis. The place to go. An inventive menu married with a killer wine list and a casual environment make Au Fil du Zinc a must for readers visiting Chablis.

Wheelers rock oyster

Vinous Table: Wheeler’s Oyster Bar, Kent, United Kingdom

Vinous Table, United Kingdom

Neal Martin, Jan 2020

Is Wheelers worth the schlep down from London? Well, if you want outstanding seafood without paying a king’s ransom, then certainly.