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Vinous Table: New Year Lockdown

Vinous Table, United Kingdom

Neal Martin, Jan 2021

Surviving until the end of this wretched year felt like something worth celebrating, so we decided upon a Japanese-themed evening. Given that we were isolating in Guildford rather than Tokyo, we had to make some compromises on the food front.

Sonoma 2021 bottles

Sonoma Preview: 2021 Edition

United States: California, featured

Antonio Galloni, Jan 2021

January always means a stream of new releases from Sonoma and neighboring appellations. As we have done in the past, this year we present our Sonoma coverage in a series of installments.

San luis obispo wine highlights cover

San Luis Obispo: Excellence Hiding in Plain Sight

United States: California, featured

Josh Raynolds, Jan 2021

It’s an ongoing mystery to me that, aside from a small handful of producers, San Luis Obispo hasn’t received the attention it deserves for its almost universally high quality wines. In the excellent 2018 vintage, SLO’s wineries outdid themselves.


The Power of Three: New Vintage Rosso di Montalcino

Italy: Tuscany, featured

Eric Guido, Jan 2021

Rosso di Montalcino took a bit of a backseat this year due to all of the excitement over 2016 Brunello di Montalcino, but now it’s time to focus some attention on these wines. The three vintages currently in the market all have their merits, and also provide some insight as to what might be in store for Brunello.

Taylors single harvest 1961

Cellar Favorite: 1961 Taylor’s Very Old Single Harvest Port

Portugal, cellar favorite, Cellar Favorites

Neal Martin, Jan 2021

After half-a-century, Taylor’s have just released a 1961 Very Old Single Harvest Port. The 1961 growing season was no write off.


Napa Valley’s Thrilling 2018s & 2019s, Part 1

United States: California, featured

Antonio Galloni, Jan 2021

Napa Valley experienced two stunning back-to-back vintages in 2018 and 2019 the likes of which I have never seen. Both vintages produced a bevy of breathtaking wines that will thrill Napa Valley fans. The 2018s are refined and vibrant, while the young 2019s have a bit more depth and energy.

Tuscany vineyard cover

New Releases from the Tuscan Coast

Italy: Tuscany, featured

Antonio Galloni, Jan 2021

The Tuscan Coast is one of the most idyllic, evocative regions in Italy and beyond. Breathtaking landscapes dotted with striking vineyards influenced by the nearby Tyrrhenian Sea give birth to compelling wines that run the gamut from daily drinkers to highly coveted, age-worthy reds that stand with the very best wines from around the world. This report focuses on 2018s and 2017s that are in the market now, along with a handful of entry-level 2019s.

Cf jan42021

Cellar Favorite: 2012 Domaine François Raveneau Chablis Blanchot Grand Cru

cellar favorite, Cellar Favorites, France: Burgundy

Antonio Galloni, Jan 2021

It’s always a pleasure to pull a bottle of Raveneau from the cellar. These are among my favorite wines from anywhere in the world. Of all the domaines I once covered but have since handed off to other critics at Vinous, Raveneau might very well be the one I miss visiting most, as the wines are so often transcendental.

2020 ag yir

2020: The Year in Review

featured, General Interest, United States: New York

Antonio Galloni, Dec 2020

My Year in Review article is usually a greatest hits of the past twelve months, a write up of fabulous meals, wines and tastings. Obviously, there was not much of that this year. I almost did not write this article at all, but 2020 has its own vibe and story. Ultimately, I thought that should be documented…

Bedrock cover smaller logo 1.png final

California Vineyard Series: Bedrock Vineyard

United States: California, featured, California Vineyard Series

Antonio Galloni, Dec 2020

First planted in 1854, Bedrock is one of the most historically significant vineyards in Sonoma Valley’s Central Corridor, a stretch of land that runs northwest from the town of Sonoma and includes a number of notable sites, including Serres Ranch, Old Hill, Pagani Ranch, Beltane Ranch, Wildwood, Kunde and others. In my view, these are among the most pedigreed vineyard sites anywhere in the world.