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2019 Bordeaux: A Long, Strange Trip

featured, France: Bordeaux

Antonio Galloni, Jun, 2020

“You must really like your wine,” the FedEx delivery person said as he dropped off yet another stack of boxes shipped from Bordeaux. The global lockdown that began in March ended any hopes of en primeur tastings in the spring. After weeks of indecision, the Bordelais finally moved ahead with a summer en primeur campaign, setting in motion a flurry of shipments across the ocean and a series of equally fast releases. Do the 2019s live up to the early hype?

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Uncertain Smile: Bordeaux 2019

featured, France: Bordeaux

Neal Martin, Jun 2020

Born into an uncertain world, how certain are we that the 2019 Bordeaux vintage belongs amongst true greats? Several weeks ago I assumed lockdown would make it impossible to find out. Then 900 samples landed at my door...

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Cellar Favorite: 1997 Col d’Orcia Brunello di Montalcino

Italy: Tuscany, cellar favorite, Cellar Favorites

Eric Guido, Jun 2020

The 1997 wines of Tuscany have become something of a question mark in the eyes of many consumers. At release, the press went wild for the wines. Some still see 1997 as one of Italy’s greatest modern-day vintages, and to this day, salespeople base their pitch on its prestige.

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Vinous in the Kitchen: An Irish Grandma’s Italian Meatballs

Vinous in the Kitchen

Eric Guido, Jun 2020

I can still hear it now...the 1940s big band music that was always playing in my grandmother’s kitchen. Like something out of a movie, she was the patriarch of the family, having devoted every moment of every day to her family first. When you were in her home, you wanted for nothing. Each end table had a small bowl of spice drops and one of chocolates; there always seemed to be tea and coffee made, not to mention a piece of cake or biscotti to accompany it. What’s more, she never sat down when the family dinner was served. Instead she would continue to usher in plate after plate of food to the dining room table, until finally my grandfather or father would holler for her to sit down before everything got cold. Through it all, the music played.

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2020 Rosé-a-Rama

featured, France, Rest of the World

Josh Raynolds, Jun 2020

The Rosé season has started, but definitely not at the frenetic pace of the last several years. The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic has put a damper on demand for all wines. Even the ever-popular pink versions aren’t immune to market realities. That said, the best 2019 Rosés are generous, soft and versatile at the dinner table.

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Château Siran 1918-2008

featured, Verticals & Retrospectives, France: Bordeaux

Neal Martin, Jun 2020

The Margaux appellation is home to several châteaux that are upping their game. This article focuses on one of those, Château Siran, with a vertical tasting that looks back over a century.

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Argentina's White Wine Revolution

featured, Argentina

Joaquín Hidalgo, Jun 2020

In the spiritual homeland of Malbec, many of the most innovative new wines being produced today are white. One might be forgiven for thinking that winemakers are being deliberately contrary; however, over the past decade and a half, underneath wave after wave of reds, a revolution has been simmering away quietly. Chardonnays and Sémillons are now being produced that are every bit as good as some of the best Malbecs in the country.

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Cellar Favorite: 1970 Taylor’s Single Harvest Port

Portugal, cellar favorite, Cellar Favorites

Neal Martin, Jun 2020

Writing this on what is fast becoming the most glorious warm spring here in the UK, it feels slightly odd to be focusing upon a fortified wine associated with winter. Nevertheless, several Port houses have declared single-quinta 2018s that shall be reviewed soon on Vinous.

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Vinous in the Kitchen: Bring Back Pancakes from Scratch

Vinous in the Kitchen

Eric Guido, Jun 2020

One of the first things I was taught when learning to cook professionally is the power of nostalgia. In fact, it was presented to me as more of an ingredient than a response from a client. It’s because of this that I will forever want tomato soup with my grilled cheese, or why a simple plate of Pasta Con Le Sarde will easily transport me back to happy childhood summers and the memories of running through sprinklers on hot asphalt. The same goes for pancakes. I could be in the fanciest restaurant for brunch, at the finest high tea, or just huddled up with a cup of coffee on a porch in Vermont, and what would bring me the most happiness is pancakes.

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Germany 2018: The Nahe – Leading by a Nose

featured, Germany

David Schildknecht, Jun 2020

There is a lot to like from 2018 in Germany: both multiple attractive features and a lot of wines to exemplify them. And then there are the exceptions, including the vintage’s genuinely exciting Rieslings, of which, yet again, many are found on the Nahe.