C Is for COOKIES, October 2020

"It had to happen sooner or later. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to bring cookies to Vinous in The Kitchen, at a time when families are home and projects with the kids make for a great way to spend quality time together. Even as someone who has been gluten-free for nearly a decade and stays far away from sweets, when my daughter came to me and asked if I would make her my “Famous” chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies, I couldn’t resist. Because the fact is, even if I can’t enjoy them myself, I take great pleasure in sharing them and watching her eyes light up. Let’s face it, making cookies from scratch has become something of a lost art. We all loved the mom or aunt who made them and shared around the holidays, yet the average person seldom makes cookies themselves. My goal is to change that today." Eric Guido, Vinous © 2020 Vinous Media LLC