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Oregon: An Embarrassment of Riches and Richness

featured, United States: Oregon

Josh Raynolds, Jun 2019

Two thousand sixteen is yet another link in an unprecedented chain of outstanding vintages in the Willamette Valley that began in 2014 and has now extended to 2018. Compared to the ‘14s and ‘15s, the ‘16s, while on the rich side for Pinot Noir, show more freshness than wines of the previous years at a similar stage.

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Oregon’s Expanding Palette of Wines

featured, United States: Oregon

Josh Raynolds, Feb 2018

Fueled by steadily increasing production of first-class Rieslings and Chardonnays, Oregon’s wineries are proving that they can do much more than just make great Pinot Noir.

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Oregon Pushes the Quality Needle for Pinot

featured, United States: Oregon

Josh Raynolds, Jan 2018

The 2015 vintage for Oregon Pinot Noir is an all-around winner in terms of quality and quantity. The 2015 Pinots, the main focus of this year’s report, are already commanding intense demand in the market and what ‘14s are still out there, including many of the late releases covered here, are also hot commodities.

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Oregon: Beyond Pinot Noir

featured, United States: Oregon

Josh Raynolds, Jan 2017

Pinot Noir dominates Oregon’s wine production to the point where wine lovers are often totally unaware of the rising quality of many of the State’s other varieties. Most of these wines are produced in small quantities, but in many cases a search of the market is more than worth the effort, and pricing is often favorable as well.

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Cellar Favorite: 1990 Domaine Drouhin Oregon Pinot Noir

Cellar Favorites, United States: Oregon

Kelli White, Jan 2017

A friend recently blind tasted me on a bottle of 1990 Domaine Drouhin (Oregon) Pinot Noir, and while the variety was immediately obvious (always a good sign), the country of origin was not.

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Oregon Pinot Noir: The Exceptional 2014s and Often Surprising 2013s

featured, United States: Oregon

Josh Raynolds, Dec 2016

Two thousand fourteen heralds what by all indications will be an unprecedented run of three exceptional vintages for Oregon Pinot Noir. Now that I’ve had the chance to taste finished 2014s from most of the best producers, I can say with confidence that this is the strongest and most consistently pleasurable vintage, overall, that I’ve tasted in my 31 years of following Oregon Pinot Noir.

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Oregon Pinot Noir: The 2013s & 2012 Late Releases

featured, United States: Oregon

Josh Raynolds, Oct 2015

Most of the 2013 growing season in Oregon looked like a virtual carbon copy of the superb, already legendary 2012 vintage. But Mother Nature changed her mind at the last minute, in this case at the very end of September, dumping an epic amount of rain that continued to fall into early October. The best 2013 Oregon Pinots are lively and zesty, but it is very much a winemaker's vintage in which severe choices in the vineyard and winery were the only way to achieve quality.

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Oregon Pinot Noir Update

IWC, United States: Oregon

Josh Raynolds, Jul 2014

In the eyes of most Willamette Valley winemakers 2012 is a pinot vintage for the record books, and by all accounts the market is in agreement the wines have sold swiftly and in many cases are all gone at the wineries and even at the wholesale and retail levels in many markets

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Oregon Pinot Noir Update

IWC, United States: Oregon

Josh Raynolds, Jul 2013

The 2011 harvest was the latest ever recorded in the Willamette Valley for most growers, in many cases extending into the first week of November

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Focus on Oregon Pinot Noir

IWC, United States: Oregon

Josh Raynolds, Jul 2012

Fans of bright, focused pinot noir are going to find plenty to like from the 2010 vintage, especially following the richer, heftier 2009s and powerful, structured 2008s